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CGC Homes is a kiwi owned and operated business specialising in residential construction

From turn key house and land packages, design and build to large scale multi unit developments, you can trust CGC Homes to deliver a high quality, fast and reliable service.

Why build with CGC Homes

CGC Homes will take your concept and deliver your dream home on time and on budget.

We understand that cost overruns can be stressful and we believe they should not exist within the building industry. If the design process is handled correctly there should be enough information available before a project begins to quote a job accurately and in full. Contractually there should not be a long list of provisional sums. PC Sums give the builder to much wriggle room and it has become commonplace within the industry to have a build contract full of them. We believe it is a lazy way to quote which gives companies the ability to under price at the start to be awarded the contract and then to make further claims later on. At CGC we keep this to the absolutely necessary minimum e.g. earthworks

CGC Homes has employees who have been trained from the start of their apprenticeships to deliver the CGC Homes level of care and craftsmanship, we don't use labour only contractors who's only interest in the project is to build as fast as possible.

CGC Homes does not have sales staff who will promise anything and everything to get the sale through and then leave it to the construction team to tell clients that what they were promised cannot be delivered. At CGC Homes you will deal with the same person from start to finish.

Our clients become our friends!

Services we offer

  • House and Land Packages

  • Design and Build

  • Project Management

  • Large Scale Multi Unit Developments

  • Labour Only Builds

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